Employment Engage Survey

Give your organization a health check


There is a strong connection between the performance of an organization and the engagement levels of its employees. Engage provides a structured approach for measuring workplace engagement within your business. By identifying and responding to the results identified from the health check conducted by using Engage, it can help your organization to address a number of challenges including:

  • High spend on recruitment and attrition
  • High sickness levels
  • Low morale
  • High stress levels
  • Brand image and corporate reputation
  • Poor retention
  • High levels of customer complaints
  • Lack of passion and shortage of drive to ‘go the extra mile'

Engage is built on research that reveals engagement is formed across three critical work dimensions: Relationships, Role and Reward. Within these dimensions, engagement is determined by seven key drivers: Voice, Togetherness (Relationship factors) Challenge, Freedom, Clarity (Role factors), Recognition, Growth (Reward factors).


  • Assessment type: Engagement Survey
  • Format: A blend of rating scales and free-text response options
  • Availability: 10+ languages
  • Time to complete: 5-10 minutes
  • Training required: No training required