High Potential Trait Indicator

Identify, manage and develop leadership potential at work


Strong leaders are critical in formulating and communicating strategy and driving the direction and vision of an organization. The High Potential Trait Indicator (HPTI) for Leadership Potential is designed to give an insight into a candidate’s potential to become a successful leader, answering questions like:

  • What is the probability of this person being a successful leader?
  • How well will they cope in stressful situations?
  • Do they have a strong work ethic?
  • Are they comfortable with the unknown?
  • Are they open to new ways of working?
  • How do they deal with difficult conversations?
  • Will they thrive in a competitive environment?
  • What leadership training would they benefit from?

HPTI takes 10 minutes to complete and you are provided with a report that identifies the optimal levels of certain behaviors for effective leadership, how the person measures against these and how they can develop these skills to reach their full potential.


  • Assessment type: Leadership & Potential
  • Format: 78 questions
  • Availability: 25+ languages
  • Time to complete: 8 minutes
  • Training required: HPTI Accreditation
  • Validation: The HPTI has been extensively validated and optimised for workplace applications following psychometric research with thousands of participants with the acquired data being subject to advanced statistical methods